Monday, April 09, 2018

April 9, 2018

Well, I finally got around to doing our taxes today, and we're coming out looking pretty good. Getting some money back from Federal and Kansas, and we don't have to pay a whole lot to Missouri. I'm glad that's done! I don't know why I put it off till almost the last minute every year, but I do. I guess it's just because it's such a royal pain in the butt – even when I use TurboTax. But thank God I've got TurboTax, because I'd never figure it out on my own.

The people from Overhead Door called earlier, and we're scheduled to get our new garage door installed on the 17th. Apparently they'll be putting in a new frame and everything, so the garage door won't look crappy anymore LOL.

The adventure with my piece of crap Velocity laptop continues. Last night, I tried to do a relatively simple thing – watch a couple videos on YouTube. After five or six hard reboots (having to manually power down the computer then reboot it) due to the stupid thing locking up and becoming completely unresponsive, I was about ready to throw it in front of a train.

After I received it Saturday, and the first thing it did was lock up on me, I sent a rather scathing email to Velocity. Thus far, I have received no response. I'll wait a couple of days to see if they respond. If not, in the words of our esteemed leader Donald Trump (I'm being just a little facetious here), I will unleash fire and fury upon them such as the world has never seen.

They clearly did absolutely nothing other than slap a new DVD drive in it, put a new keyboard on it, and ship it back to me. They completely ignored my description of the locking problem, slowness, non-responsiveness, and a myriad of other irritating issues it has. Should it become necessary to take further action, I will most definitely leverage social media.

It's still cold here, it snowed yesterday. Today, it looks like the snow is all pretty much gone, but it's still cold. It's supposed to start warming up tomorrow, and by Wednesday and Thursday it will be in the 70s. I'm ready for it! I'm ready to get out of the house a little bit, take some photos, and fly some drones. And I have a number of projects on this house that I'll be working on this summer.

That about wraps it up for this entry. As an aside, I got an email from one of my artist friends a week or so ago, and it appears people actually do read this stuff! :-) So for those of you who do, thank you very much!


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