Sunday, December 09, 2018

Rant: Help With My Network!

Hello everyone!

I don’t do this very often, but as 2018 comes to a close, I feel the need for a rant. I try not to do this more than about once a year despite the fact I could probably do it on a daily basis. LOL

Okay, here’s the deal… I desperately need some help with networking these blankety-blank computers! I know just enough about networking to be dangerous. And while I do have the network here working after a fashion, it could be considerably better if it was done right. For instance, I have computer A, computer B, computer C, and computer D. Now, here’s my problem:

Computer A, and computer C are running Windows 10. Computer B, and computer D are running Windows 7. Now… Computer A can see and access all the drives on computer D. But it can only access the external drives on computer B. Computer B can see and access all the drives on computer D, but computer D cannot see or access drives on computer C.

The point I’m trying to make here, is there is no consistency. If I want to move files from one computer to another computer or use Photoshop on computer D to modify an image on computer C, I cannot do it directly as I should be able to. I have to go to computer A which can access both computer D and computer C and either put it on computer A which can be accessed by computer D, or put it on one of the drives on computer D so I can be accessed directly. Confused? Now you know why I have no hair!

So the crux of the situation is – as I said above – I need someone who is a network expert to come out here, sit down with me, untangle this god-awful mess, and try to hammer into what’s left of my tired old brain how to do this myself.

Now here’s my problem…

Who do I look to to provide the help I need? Yes, I could probably call Best Buy, and have them send a Geek Squad guy out here. The problem with that, is that I’m just another call to get done before lunch or going home at the end of the day. I worked in field service - I know how it works... That’s not necessarily what I want.

I know of two individuals who are networking experts with the company I used to work for. I have tried emailing one of them – a guy that not only has a great deal of expertise in networking, but also professes to be a ‘Christian’ as well. I’ve emailed him twice, outlining my problem above, and asking if he would be willing to get together with me at some point and give me a hand with this. I also told him I was more than happy to pay him. I don’t expect somebody to come out and use a couple hours of their time for free. And I would much rather pay somebody I know than a stranger from Geek Squad. I have thus far – and it’s been several months – not received the courtesy of a response even if it was to tell me no. Now having said that, I will give him the benefit of the doubt since the email address I used was his work email. There is a possibility it could have been blocked at the server level since it was coming from outside the company.

But… If it isn’t for that reason, and he's just ignoring me, here is what galls me about that.

Rewind to the decade of the 1990s. I was very active with several photography groups back then. I was vice-chairman of one fairly large photography club and had memberships in two or three others. In addition to being the vice-chairman of the club mentioned above, I was also the treasurer, activities committee (a committee of one), contest committee, newsletter editor, and public relations officer. I was also working with a local modeling agency, maintaining their website and doing photo shoots at bargain basement prices.

At the same time, I was holding down a full-time job as a technician with a certain computer company, which will remain nameless – but had a certain affinity for Jersey cattle. I think you know the one. This company opened a store in Kansas City, and of course everyone that knew me even in the slightest, bought their computers from this store. Why? Because they just naturally assumed that computer came with 24/7 free technical support that did not involve calling the company’s 1-800 number and waiting on hold for 45 minutes. Instead, they called me. Normally right at suppertime. And of course, this service was expected at no cost.

This went on for several years, until I finally got tired of it, and made it clear I was going to start charging if I was expected to spend large amounts of my time helping people with their computer problems. The phone calls gradually lessened, as did my circle of “friends.”

So where am I going with all this? I guess it’s just that I am a little bit frustrated by the fact that I was expected to provide the benefits of my skills, experience, knowledge, and time to others at zero cost, and I can’t even seem to find help with something when I’m willing to PAY someone.

So I guess I’ll just stumble along with my network as it is. I do have a Microsoft account, and a Microsoft One Drive with a terabyte of storage – which all of my computers can access. So if there’s something that all of the computers need to access I can just throw it up there on the One Drive, and all is peachy.

But if anyone reading this is a networking expert or know a networking expert who would be willing to help me out without putting my house up as collateral, please feel free to email me, give me a shout on Facebook or Twitter, or otherwise yank my chain.

If you’ve read this far, thanks for reading this epistle, and bearing with my rambling. Hope everyone has a good holiday. 😁

Thursday, November 15, 2018


After 2 days of farting around with it, I've finally managed to get the product templates figured out for Pixels!

 My Pixels Store

I'm not sure why it was so hard for them to figure out what I wanted, but no matter - it's solved now! Now I just need to start using those templates to create some fun items that millions of people will rush madly to the website and BUY - adding my name to the list of really wealthy dudes like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and the guy in China that started DJI. Or I could just go buy a Powerball or Mega-Millions lottery ticket. The chances are about the same... 😆

Anyway.... I've been messing around with this social media crap for the last 3 days... Time to get back to my T.N.A. story.

Rod over and out...

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Early Access For Patrons...

Beginning today.....

My Patreon Site

My Patrons on (all 1 of them as of this post 😕) will have access to my artwork at least 3 days before it's posted on Renderosity, Fantasy Attic, Deviant Art, etc. - and the images will be full-size and 300 dpi rather than the 72 dpi on the art sites.

The only exception will be my Girls From T.N.A. pages, and related stories. Those will continue as normal.

Thank you for your support, Mike! 😀👍

About to Pull Out my Hair

...If I had any to pull out, that is.... 😝

I spent a good portion of yesterday messing around with trying to get some items ready to sell on Redbubble and Pixels.. By the time I spent several hours trying to find information on templates, size, resolution, aspect ratio, etc, etc, etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseum, I was ready to start stepping on kittens.

Of course the FAQ sections on these sites never seem to address the questions I have. Of course, there's always the "contact us" link - which usually leads you back to the useless FAQs. And once I find the deeply buried email link, I've forgotten what I was looking for.

Then, when I do remember what I wanted to find I usually get a "support" representative that can't or won't understand what I'm asking. I mean how difficult is it to understand that the aspect ratio for a coffee mug is different than for a throw pillow or t-shirt?

At least Redbubble has a list of pixel sizes and resolutions for the various products. I'm still going back and forth with Pixels... I'm about ready to tell them to take their site and stuff it. I don't need this aggravation. I just need to find a way to make a little extra cash.

At least one of my photos on Adobe Stock sold! Not bad, considering I only have 14 photos in my portfolio there. I really need to get out and start shooting some good stock photos.

Over and out for tonight.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

November Musings

Once again, it's been too long since I've done anything with this blog. Not that this thing has a wide readership.....

Anyway... Some updates..

I've been doing some work on the house. I finally got around to removing the window in the shed, and closing that area off. Who needs a window in a shed?? I'll be doing some major work inside the shed once the weather warms up again - which should be 5 or 6 months from now. Right now, winter had made her grand entrance, and it's freaking cold outside!

We had our first snow of the season, and I'm sooo glad I don't have to drive all over the place to fix broken copiers anymore. BTW, it's been just over a year since I retired. Still love it, but I do miss the paychecks. I am looking into ways to make a little extra cash.

Here's a photo I took a week or so before the snow arrived. Got some nice fall colors for once:

And a couple from the air with my DJI Mavic Pro:

I've been busy with my T.N.A. story as well. Several new characters have joined the team, and things are going to be getting wild and crazy very soon!

This is Sasha from the New York office. Don't ask where she keeps the gun in that outfit - she won't even tell ME where she stashes it!

I'm going to be working on a new story about Agent G4 and how she came to be one of the Agency's top operatives. Look for it soon.

That's it for now. Look for lots more artwork and photos soon. I'm going to try - again - to keep this blog up-to-date!


Sunday, October 28, 2018

Looks Like It's Back Up.

Hopefully all is fixed. Thanks for getting it fixed quickly, GoDaddy.

Website Down

...Again..... is currently down as of 5:56 PM CDT. I've called GoDaddy, and was told they are having a "known issue" but no ETA on when it would be resolved.

I may be looking into a different hosting provider, if I can find one that works for the way my site is set up. I'm not really enthusiastic about the "Template" based providers such as Wix and Squarespace. I like to do my own design, and not use a pre-made 'template' designed by someone else.

I'll have to do a little research, I guess.

But I'm getting pretty fed up with GoDaddy. This is happening too often.