Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Out With The Old....

... And in with the new!

Well, we got our new garage door today, and it looks great! I was beginning to wonder earlier if it was going to happen, because the installer was running late. But I guess he had a delay on a previous job. At any rate, he got here right about 1 o'clock and it took about three hours to complete the whole job.

I was a little surprised that it was only one guy, but I guess he's had plenty of experience because he did a really good job with it. The new door is in, looks great, and operates smoothly.

 Old door coming out!

 New door installed and working great.

Now, I just need to do some scraping and painting!

I wish I could say the same for everything else… Well, actually things are going fairly smoothly at the moment. Mostly.. The new modem from Comcast arrived a couple days ago, but I haven't gotten around to replacing the old one with it yet. Frankly, I'm kind of burned out on dealing with technology.😝

Over the weekend, my main Poser machine – the Titan that just came back from service a few weeks ago – threw up a message that a hard drive was failing. Great. Echoes of the old HP computer… Anyway, it turns out it was the 'J' drive, and not the main boot drive, thankfully. The 'J' drive is a data drive and has all of my Poser runtimes and scene files on it. But those are backed up in 4 other places. I did a bunch of backups of a few other items on that drive Saturday night, and it was a hair pulling experience – not that I have that much hair left to pull. It was extremely slow and error messages popped up frequently. I finally just selected a bunch of folders and dragged them to a drive on another networked computer, and just went to bed. I fully expected to find a screen full of error messages in the morning when I got up, but surprisingly everything copied fine. Apparently the drive straightened itself out during the process, and started running properly.

I'm not taking any chances with it though. Although it seems to be working fine right now, I think there is an intermittent problem with that drive. So I got another drive from MicroCenter yesterday to replace it with, and I'll probably tackle that sometime over the weekend.

While were on the subject of computers, I got an email message from the folks at Origin computer, and it looks like my Origin laptop is all well and ready to come home. They sent me a bill for $61 for shipping both ways, but there was no cost for labor and it didn't need any parts.

I'm still battling with the P.O.S. Velocity laptop. I got an email message the other day from one of their chief engineers who gave me some instructions on how to gather some information that he would need before he remotes into the system. It took quite a fight today to get that information, but I did manage it, and sent it to him. If past experiences are any indicator, it'll be two or three days before I get any kind of a response. At this point, I really don't have much faith that they'll ever get that stupid piece of junk working properly. We'll see… But I'm not going to hold my breath.

Other than that, things are rolling along pretty well here. I'm just getting tired of this endless winter. It's April for crying out loud! It's time for spring. I'm ready to get out and shoot some photos and fly some drones.


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