Sunday, April 01, 2018

April 1 - No Foolin'

Brrrr..... Cold, sleet - snow, cloudy and gloomy. A good day for staying inside, doing some artwork, listening to music, drinking coffee, and relaxing.

The two ailing laptops are now at their respective repair depots. Got them off on Monday, and they both arrived on Thursday. I got an email from Origin letting me know it was there, but nothing from Velocity as yet.

Hopefully both will be back in operating condition  - I'm sure paying for it.

I put DAZ Studio on my main computer - the one I'm using now - and I just about gave birth to a moose the first time I did a large render on it. An image that would probably have taken overnight on the laptop took less than an hour on this machine! I am now thinking seriously about adding another desktop machine dedicated to DAZ Studio. At this rate I'll be browning out the entire neighborhood..

Not much eles going on at the moment - not that it matters.... No one reads this stuff anyway.. I don't know why I bother with it sometimes. Oh, well...

Happy Easter to anyone that stops by!

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Mike said...

I just read this and I am impressed by the idea! Keep going like you have