Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tech Support and Other Fun Things...

It has been a "fun" 😝 and interesting last few days.... I've spent most of it dealing with various tech support organizations. First, I got on a chat line with DJI's support people because I thought I was having an issue upgrading the firmware on my Inspire 1. Apparently, the firmware update came through fine and everything was normal, but the text file that is created when you do a firmware update had something in it about a failure. Anyway the DJI technician had me send a log file which they checked out, and said that the firmware update had gone through just fine. And apparently it did.

Previously (after the previous firmware update) the drone was locked into a mode where it would only go 98 feet either vertically or horizontally. But I took it out into the backyard today for a quick test flight, and it did well. It was cold and rather windy so I wasn't out there long, but I did take it up to about 110 feet. Here is what the view looked like looking to the West towards downtown Kansas City.

I heard from the folks at Velocity Computer, and it looks like it's gonna cost me about $318 for a keyboard replacement and replacement DVD drive. They said to call their tech support line to get everything set up, which I did earlier today. After waiting on hold for around 20 minutes, the phone tech came on, and surprise of surprises, it wasn't some guy in India. Named Peggy. Anyway, I got that all set up and they will be sending me a UPS label to ship it and have it serviced. Hopefully it will be back up to full capacity when that's done.

On my origin laptop, which has been having issues booting into Windows (throwing up a blue screen when it tries to boot into Windows), they told me to run a "memtest" which you have to put on a USB stick and then boot to the USB stick. I tried for the better part of an hour to convince the stupid computer to boot to the USB stick without any success. I emailed them again with a rather frustrated email, and a little while ago got a response from them. They said to call into their tech support line and get it set up to be sent back to their repair facility. 😧 I'll probably call them tomorrow, because right now I'm too frustrated to mess with it. And I really don't want to go off on the poor phone tech… I've sat in that chair before, and it's not fun.

The Titan computer is still working well; haven't had any problems with it since it came back. I wanted to add two more hard drives internally rather than trying to leave the USB external drives plugged in all the time. I was a little disappointed to see there wasn't much space to add any more hard drives – there are plenty of SATA connectors – but I did see two spots where I could add laptop size hard drives, which I did. I copied all of the stuff that was on the external drives to to the two new internal drives, and reconfigured all of my Poser materials and so on. Now I just use the external drives as backups for all the new stuff that I download or create.

So that's pretty much it for right now. Hopefully he will be moving into some warm weather for long, and we can get out and take some photos and fly some drones!


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