Wednesday, March 21, 2018

And So We Wait...

Those four words pretty much sum up the current situation with my two malfunctioning laptops. I called Velocity yesterday to get things set up to send their laptop in for servicing. As instructed, I called, gave them my credit card number, and now I am waiting for the payment ($318) to be processed so they can send me a UPS label. The representative I talked to yesterday said the payment should be processed by this morning. I’m writing this at 9:19 in the evening, and have seen nothing from Velocity.

Yesterday, after yet another email to Origin, I was instructed to call their tech support line to get the Origin laptop set up for service. I called them today, and spoke with one of their representatives. Again, I had to give my credit card number in order to process payment. I will be paying for shipping both ways – a total of $68, plus whatever parts are needed to get their piece of crap up and running. At least I don’t have to pay labor on this one.

I did send an email to the person I’ve been working with at Origin to let them know that the system would be coming in for service. I also asked them why I should ever consider buying another computer from their company. This laptop cost a little over $2300. It lasted a little over a year and a half, and of course their warranty is only for one year. No response as yet.

As I stated in one of my earlier blog posts, this has all left are really, really bad taste in my mouth for these so-called “boutique” custom computer companies. They rant and rave on their websites about how great their systems are and how great their service is, but when it comes right down to it they're just like everybody else. Once they have your money, you can go screw yourself. Nobody gives a damn.

It remains to be seen what kind of a job either of these companies do in repairing their pieces of junk. I will reserve final judgment until that time, but as it stands right now you can rest assured that once this is all said and done I will be doing my level best to spread the word. If you need a good computer, you might as well build it yourself or just go down the street to Micro Center or wherever and get a decent machine locally. For half the price.

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