Monday, November 19, 2012

Another Attempt to Keep Up

Well, here I am again -we're home now obviously, since it is now November, and our vacation was in October.

I hope to do a little bit better in keeping up with this blog, and with that in mind I'm playing with this new little toy I got today. It's called Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and so far it seems to be working pretty well. I can sit here and talk into this microphone, and it will type what I say on the screen.

It still needs a little bit of training, as this is the first night I've used it, but I think it will speed a number of things up pretty radically. I used it earlier tonight to dictate a letter in Microsoft Word, and it worked really well with only a couple small errors. I am also using it to do my comments in the galleries on Renderosity. Wow! I added the word Renderosity to the vocabulary and it actually recognized it just now. I am impressed!

Well it's 9:24 PM, and that means I need to get ready to go to my wonderful job. So I'll sign off for now and hopefully be back much more often, and update more frequently.