Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Situation Normal - Chaos....

Well, I'm a week and a half into my month of night shift. I'm pretty much out of the reptilian stage, and just beginning to enter the zombie stage. By the time I get somewhat used to this shift, and become reasonably normal it'll be time to change shifts again....

What's ironic is this: The main reason I've stayed in this copier field service industry for so long is because I had a job with regular, 8 to 5 hours Monday to Friday, and didn't have to deal with working in some freaking factory on all kinds of wierd shifts. What the hell happened?? :-P

The situation with my dad continues to decline and intensify on an almost daily basis. He has called me 7 times today (so far) wanting my aunt's phone number, my phone number (the one he just dialed), or he just rambles. I get calls from people at his apartment facility just to tell me how messed up he is. I can't seem to get anything done, now.

I don't know if it's dementia or Alzheimer's - or maybe a combination of both.

His sister has Durable Power of Attorney, so it's pretty much up to her how he's handled (at this point, I'm kind of glad it's in her hands - I have enough to deal with at the moment, but I know it's hard on her, too..). She and I do confer frequently regarding dad's situation and care. She's now looking into getting Hospice for him - I really think he needs to be in a nursing home.

It really kills me to see him going like this - he was always such a well-mannered and intelligent man - it's a real heartbreaker. At the risk of sounding horrible, it will be a blessing for him when the Lord finally calls him home. And for us, too.

Hopefully, one day I'll be able to post something more positive....

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Little Calm...

After last Thursday's chaos, it was refreshing to have a relatively calm weekend. I managed to get my HP computer booted up, finally, so I could do some work on my "Girls From T.N.A." series, and some other artwork.

I've also been playing with Vue 10 a little more, and wound up with some decent landscapes. I need to get back to playing with Hexagon a little more, also. I was starting to get to a point where I could created some decent (simple) 3D models with it.

I'm hoping to jar loose some time to work on my website, too. I want to put up some of my newer art and photography - the stuff that's there now is pretty old. I'll probably set up a separate section in my gallery for older stuff, but I'll  be emphasizing my newer work.

This will be my last week on Day shift for a while (around 3 months). I'll get to spend most of the summer working nights. Next week I'll start the late shift (10:30PM - 06:30AM) for a month. I absolutely HATE this shift! Not only do the hours suck, but most of the press operators are a pain in the butt, and they keep you running constantly from the time you get in the door until you leave.

Mid-shift is better as far as the operators go, but the hours are a pain: 2:30PM - 10:30PM. It just punches a big hole right in the middle of your day..... I have a really hard time getting anything done.

Well, enough whining... It's time to head for bed as I have to get up at 05:00 to make it to work at 06:30. Bummer!


Thursday, June 07, 2012

A Gut-Wrenching Day....

Today was a very stressful and gut-wrenching day.

My dad has been going steadily downhill as far as his mental state is concerned. His body is in relatively good shape for a man of 93; but his mind is a different set of paintings altogether.

I usually visit him on Thursday after work, and today Jo went with me. Today was the worst I've ever seen him. In addition to being extremely confused, he was argumentive, abrasive, and just unbearable to be around. We took him over to the Rehab Center of Independence - at his insistence - to visit his lady friend who is there for a few days. He repaid the favor by cursing Jolene out, and being extremely disagreeable with both of us.

I just don't know if I can deal with this anymore.... The man has reached a point where I cannot follow. He will hate it, but he's going to have to go into a nursing home - soon.

Then, after we got home, my wonderful HP computer (the one I use for Poser Pro 2012) decided it didn't want to boot up properly. It has a habit of screwing up on boot-up at least once out of every 5 or 6 times I start it up. I've just been leaving it on most of the time. Of course Microsoft keeps putting out updates, and every now and then an update requires a reboot.

I put Farstone Drive Clone on it some time ago, and I have a feeling that may be the culprit. Much as I hate doing it, I'll probably end up doing a format/reload on it sometime soon. I'm also going to swear off HP computers. I like their printers and scanners, but both this computer and my HP laptop have screwy issues. I've heard the same from others who have owned HP computers.

Aside from all that, my new Comcast HS internet/phone service is working smoothly. At least something is.

Hopefully one of these days my life will calm down a little bit, and I can work a little faster on updating my website.

Out for now....