Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm (We're) Still Here.....

As I type this, it is a little after six O' Clock on May 21st, 2011. I am most pleased to announce that, at least as far as I'm able to determine, the world did not end. I'm really happy about that. For one thing I would have missed having my blueberry crepes at Bob Evans tomorrow morning. That would have sucked.

It was supposed to start in New Zealand, approximately 17 hours ago. My friend Barry in NZ reports that NZ is still there, as well.

I'm sure all the folks betting money on 12-21-2012 are happy it didn't happen, too.

I have to ask........ WTF is with all the fascination with these doomsday predictions?? Am I the only one who wants to live for more than another year or so?

No one has ever accused me of being a "Bible Thumper," but I am a Christian, and pretty much go with what the Bible passes along. Christ himself said "Ye do not know the time or day..." You don't know it, I don't know it, Nostradamus didn't know it, the Mayans didn't know it, and Harold Camping obviously didn't know it.

Quite frankly, I plan on being around and enjoying LIFE for many years - and that includes celebrating the New Year on January 1, 2013. I suggest we all take a deep breath, and concentrate on making things better for the living, instead of wasting so much time and energy on scientifically and spiritually unfounded myths.

Just my $0.02 worth.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday 05-11-11

Why does it seem like every time I get motivated to update this blog on a regular basis, "Real Life" comes along and kicks me right in the 'nads???

Between my job - which is both physically demanding and mentally challenging - and my family obligations - which seem to increase on a daily basis, I'm going in 5th gear and 17 different directions at once. All the time.

With the mother-in-law now living with my brother-in-law and his wife, the family focus is on getting her house cleaned out, and ready to be put on the market. And of course much of that work is now reserved for Saturdays - formerly my one day to attempt to relax and work on some of my projects. Last Saturday the comment was made that "It's going to take all summer" to accomplish this.... *sigh* just what I needed to hear.....

Don't get me wrong - I'm more than willing and happy to help. I've been doing so for relatives on both sides for the last 11 years or so, and mostly with little help. I certainly don't begrudge the help. But there comes a time when I need my own life back.....

I'm sitting in bed typing this on my laptop at a little after 11:00PM. I'll probably be up a little while, but I really need to get my fool butt to sleep since I have to get up at 05:00 for work. Then when I get home, I'll head over to my dad's apartment for a visit, and to provide some computer lessons. I'll probably have supper with him and some of his friends at the Fountains where he lives.

We took the Caravan back to Landmark Dodge so they could finish the work from last week. they had to order a new driver's side mirror, and get their computer fixed so they can program all the automatic locks that haven't been working. They are providing me a rental car since they couldn't finish the job last time. We got a nice Ford Escape this time. I'm not really a big fan of Fords (Mustangs excepted), but this is a cool little SUV.

Well, I've got a bunch more stuff to write about, but not tonight. I'm tired, and 05:00 comes waaaay too early!