Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday, 04-30-11

What a beautiful day today was!

I've had a few issues to deal with the last few days, so I waited until today to post again.

I took the minivan in to Landmark to see about getting a few things taken care of that it's needed for a while. The automatic door locks don't work, the rear wiper self-destructed, and the driver's side mirror got knocked off a couple months ago when I got a little too close to one of those ^%%%^&#$$%% construction cones - it was sitting a little farther into the road than its companions, and I clipped it with the mirror. I glued a small mirror into the old ones place, but it's just too small.

Anyway, I ended up having to take the van in to the shop on Thursday after work. They arranged for me to get a rental at the dealer's rate while they worked on mine Friday. We got a really cool Chrysler Town & Country minivan with the stow-away seats, fancy automatic side doors, and so on.

Today was a spectacular spring day, so we decided to go on a little photo safari. We went out to the White Alloe Creek Conservation Area in Parkville. What a beautiful area this is! I had no idea it even existed until I saw a photo in the Missouri Conservationist Magazine. We hiked one of the trails, and got some wonderful photos! I'll share a few below....

This is a really cool plant Jolene spotted - I love the way the sun shines through its leaves.

I used my little camera clamp on a park bench to get this shot. I wanted to close the f-stop down as much as possible, and use a slow shutter speed to capture the motion of the water.

Another angle of part of the falls.

Here's Jo with the upper portion of the falls.

And finally, a nice big flat rock in the upper falls. It looks great, but I think it needs a pretty girl sitting on it. I can fix that..... Poser to the rescue! Stay tuned...

On the way home, I stopped at Price Chopper, and picked up a pound of hamburger, and a package of hot dogs and Johnsonville brats. The charcoal grill got its first outing of the season as well. I'm still full!

Now, I'm going to work on some other projects I've got cooking in the render-oven (that's 3D art-geek talk for having a project in process).

Have an awesome weekend, and I'll C U later!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Just a quick one tonight - it's late and I've got to get up at 0500AM for work.

Had another rough day at work today, but that's pretty much the rule rather than the exception. I guess that's why it called 'work.' LOL!

Had a nice dinner at Olive Garden tonight - I'm still full! Then home to relax and work on my TNA series.

C U later!

Monday, April 25, 2011


Well, it's another Monday... Not too bad a day at work, although I spent most of the day on one machine. I think it's fixed, though...

After I got home, we went over to Sam's Club - haven't been there in a year! We've re-stocked on some goodies, and now, it's time to relax.

I have a series running on Renderosity called "The Girls From TNA" - kind of a spy-adventure-sci-fi strip about two hot ladies working for a top secret agency known only as TNA. Yes - TNA is a play on words.

I also have the series on my website for those that are not on Renderosity. I'll post a link soon. While I'm on the subject, if you enjoy art (traditional or digital) or photography (traditional or digital) you owe it to yourself to stop by and join. It's free, and you'll not find a finer community of creative folks anywhere on the net.

In addition to my TNA series, I'm collaborating with a couple other wild & crazy guys on a improptu mini-series called "Busted." I'll explain how it got started over the next few days. But for now, I'll post a "teaser" movie poster I uploaded a couple days ago.

Now, I'm going to work on my latest installment of the TNA series. Later!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'm Back.....

I'm back, hopefully to stay this time...

A very demanding new position at work, and incessant family issues have kept me pretty busy, as well as fairly stressed out the last several months.

Things have improved somewhat recently, and I hope to have a little more free time. For the past several years, attending to the needs of two elderly parents with health problems has taken a large chunk of my time and energy. But as I said above, things are improving somewhat.

I will try my best to keep this blog updated regularly, as a kind of running diary of the various goings-on in my life.

I am hoping to do a little more updating on my website as well.

In the little spare time I've had, I have been working with Poser 8, improving my skills, and creating art far beyond anything I've done before. I've joined an art community on Renderosity ( and have made friends with many other artists from all over the world.

If you enjoy art and/or photography, I would highly recommend joining Renderosity. It's free, and you won't find a more excellent community of artists anywhere - I guarantee it!

I have a continuing series running there called "The Girls From TNA" which is also on my website. It has become quite popular, and I'm building a good fan base.

My work with Konica-Minolta has changed quite a lot. I'm no longer in the field running calls on Segment 1-2-3-4 copiers. I am now in Production Print, as part of a crew of technicians maintaining 20 Kodak Digital High-Volume printers for a major printing client that services the financial industry. It's a very demanding position, but I'm beginning to adjust, and it seems I'm doing well at it. My annual performance review was last week, and i got an A+ review.

Well, that's all for now - I'll be back with more, and will be uploading some art and photos as well.

Happy Easter, everyone!