Monday, July 28, 2008

Changes to the Changes....

Here's what I've decided to do as far as this Blog is concerned. I will keep it as is, but my blog posts will be short, one-paragraph updates and perhaps a picture or two. For anything more detailed, it will be posted on my Monthly Updates to the left. This blog is integrated into my website, so if you are reading this blog on its own, you can click the “Rod's Lair Latest News Section” link on your right, and you'll be taken to the news section of my website, where you will see this blog in the main window. Maybe someday, the folks at Blogger will get all the bugs worked out – I know it takes time. But for now, this is the easiest way to manage it.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Changes in Latest News Blog

As of the end of July, I will not be using this Blog as my main news site. I just spent the last 3 hours fighting with it to get today's post formatted correctly. For some reason, Blogger does not want to separate paragraphs in a post of more than a few sentences. I've encountered this problem on several occasions, and I'm tired of fighting with it. I have enough challenges to deal with in my life at the moment; I don't have the time or patience to fight with something that's supposed to be fun. I will continue to keep my Blogger account, and will occasionally post a quick, one paragraph update here. But for anything more than a paragraph, I'll be posting it on the appropriate monthly update section on my website. If you are not currently reading this on my website, just click the title above, and you'll be taken to my Latest News site. If they ever get this issue permanently resolved, I'll return to using Blogger as my primary news page. But for now, its use will be limited to a quick monthly update.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Little Day Trippin'

What a day!

We finally had a chance to take a break from all the chaos and turmoil that has been so much a part of our lives the last several months – years, really – and went on a little day trip. Or, I should say combination of day trip, insulator scouting mission, and photo safari. Even though we burned up 50 bucks’ worth of idiotically overpriced gas, it was worth it just to get away, see the countryside, smell the fresh air, and meet some friends for a little insulator hunting, antiquing, and photography. It was glorious!

We met our friends Pat Barkwell, and Bill Snow in Marceline, Mo, after some insulator-related exploring from Richmond and Henrietta north and eastward. I’d nearly forgotten how beautiful the countryside is, and how relaxing and refreshing it can be. There are still plenty of places one can drive and enjoy the sights without some brainless moron riding your back bumper, or flipping you off because he wants to do 90mph and you’re in his way poking along at 70mph.

We didn’t manage to grab any ‘wild’ glass on this trip, but we had a lot of fun, took a few photos, and didn’t come home empty-handed, either. Even if we did have to sell out and actually buy a couple insulators!

I’ve posted several photos in the July 2008 section (in the panel to your left) for you to check out, along with a few more paragraphs about our ‘adventure.’ If you are not reading this on my website, and consequently don’t have a clue what I’m babbling on about, just click on the title above, and all will become clear.