Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We've Finally Hit The Bottom of The Barrel...

OK - we all know I'm not a huge fan of the current collective displays of stupidity known as "reality" shows. You know the ones I mean. "Survivor" and "American Idol" are almost tolerable (at least to me), but now, we're truly scraping the bottom of the barrel.

The latest offering in highly intellectual viewing is called "Hurl!" And, no, it's not about building trebuchets. I'd actually watch that. But, no. It's about contestants gorging themselves with food, then being placed in nausea-inducing situations until they puke. Wow. Just what I want to watch while having dinner. Who dreams up this crap? Larry Flynt? And what's next? How about a show called "Crapper?" The contestant that leaves the biggest pile of poo gets 1000 bucks.

It truly warms the heart to see how far we've come since neanderthal times.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

If This Guy Runs for President, He's Got My Vote....

Now I feel bad about using those neat little curly lights.....


Monday, June 09, 2008

Boy, Is It Monday!

Well, today sucked. That's really the only way I can put it.

Outside of a couple installs I did this morning, I spent the entire day working on one machine in Edwardsville, Kansas. I even had one of our specialists assisting me today for about three hours. I still don't know what the heck is eating on this goofy copier. It's had a buttload of parts - including the main and control boards - changed, but it still kicks up error messages. I finally ended up escalating the issue to SSD, and opening a ticket on it. Hope the engineers can come up with something.

Then, when I got home, Jo showed me a bill from Comcast that arrived today. The low down, dirty bas###ds are charging me for replacing the outdoor cable - which didn't resolve the problems I've been having. I'll be taking that bill to the Comcast office tomorrow and telling them what they can do with it.

I got a call from a "supervisor" at Comcast today regarding my latest diatribe in the continuing saga. He sent another tech out today, and as usual, the tech had no information regarding this continuing story. They never do. Comcast's lack of communication seems to permeate all levels of their sorry organization - even down to their own employees. This tech repeated what an earlier tech had said: The main distribution line needs to be replaced. He also repeated another thing the previous tech had told me: They had to get "funding" to replace the main distribution line, as it was very expensive, and there has been a lot of damage from the recent storms. Of course, Comcast seems to have plenty of "funding" for the current intensive advertising campaign which blathers on endlessly about how great their service is. Right. Great service. And I'm Indiana Jones.

Well, I'm pretty well exhausted from today's Monday Adventures, so I think I'll head for bed early tonight. The saga will continue to ebb and flow tomorrow, I'm sure.


Sunday, June 08, 2008

Update - 06-08-08

Well, here it is June already. Jo and I just celebrated our 37th anniversary. Gas prices continue their upward spiral, and who knows where it will stop. We’re definitely feeling the pinch.

Around here things are just as busy as ever, with all the hats I’m currently wearing: Taxi Driver, Family I.T. Department, Lawn Care Specialist, Etc. And of course, things at work have been extremely busy of late with my new territory.

My old faithful lawn mower decided to give up the ghost last week. I tinkered with it a bit to try to bring it back to life, but I didn’t have much luck. It ran just long enough to get about half of the backyard mowed. Jo ended up finishing the rest with the little electric mower while I was at work. My dad says he has a couple mowers he’s not going to use since he has someone to do his lawn, so I guess I’ll pick one or both of them up this week. Maybe they’ll get me through the summer without having to buy a new one.

One thing I definitely need to get rolling this week is to get a new TV provider. I’m to the point where I’m utterly and completely fed up with Comcast. Comcast has got to be one of the sorriest excuses for a cable provider in the country. I have been having the same problems since December of 2007, and they have yet to get it resolved. Beyond giving me a couple months’ credit, they have done little other than a few half-assed attempts to get my cable working properly. Their so-called “customer service” is abysmally poor – rarely do I even get a response to phone calls, letters, or faxes. I’ve come to the conclusion that the best thing to do is FIRE COMCAST and get Direct TV. I can get everything I get with Crapcast (except the problems, hopefully) for a whole lot less. Comcast has pissed me off enough that I’m going to devote a section of my website to telling the entire story. Stay tuned…

I just got a letter from the IRS telling me I can expect my “Economic Stimulus” check soon. We’re hoping to save it for a vacation this fall – assuming, of course, that we can actually afford to put gas in the van by fall. I appreciate George W’s generosity in returning some of my hard-earned wages, but if he (or John or – God Forbid – Obama) really want to “stimulate” the economy, I think there’s a better, faster way: Run these $!%#$%*$^ Oil Bullies out of the country, and preferably off the planet. Let the Klingons deal with them! And let's use our technology to work on alternatives. There's a finite amount of fossil fuels, folks. We've just about sucked this planet dry, and we've not put back a whole lot. We've got to come up with something else. If some guys can run their diesels on used grease from TacoBell, we can certainly do better than depend on increasingly expensive petroleum from the OPEC pirates.

I am desperately trying to get back into doing some creative things in between all the family duties, medical crises, and fighting with idiots like Comcast. Hopefully, I can continue to make headway, and get some new content on this website, and some new stuff in my online store as well. Wish me luck!