Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Late May Update

Well, I had my 1-month post-op checkup on my eye today. Wow! The day after surgery, I was seeing 20:50. A week after, I was seeing 20:30. Today, it was 20:25! Perfect vision is 20:20, and after a complete retinal detachment last fall, I’m seeing 20:25! I guess I must be in good standing with the Man upstairs – that and I found very good doctors! Very good indeed!

I told my doctor today that I was getting a little concerned about my eyes not seeing things quite right. I told him that every time I passed a gas station, it seemed like the numbers would get bigger. He said ‘nope, your eyes are just fine.’ I guess I got 'optic' confused with OPEC.

The doctor wrote out a prescription for new glasses. Or more accurately, he wrote two. I think this time, I want to have separate glasses for distance and reading. I know it’s twice as expensive, and I’ll have two glasses to keep track of, but I think I’ll like it a whole lot better than the bifocals I have now. I hate having to tilt my head back in order to read, or work on the computer. I don’t normally use my glasses when I’m doinking around on the computer, and that’s why. All I have to do now is shop around for the best deal on glasses – maybe find a “buy one pair, get the second free..” deal. I can always hope!

I’ve not been able to spend as much time as I’d like on the website lately. I’m hoping that will change in the near future. I was able to make a few small changes in the last couple of days. There’s a new background, and I changed the index page just a bit. It used to reference a monthly page – such as May.html, but I decided to just disable that feature for now. I just haven’t had the time to create a new monthly page for each new month – other than simply copying the previous month’s content. Once my train wreck of a schedule loosens up a bit (hopefully soon), I have about a million things I’d like to do with the site.

I’m saving my pennies as diligently as possible in order to do a couple things this fall. First, I’d like to get a nice laptop of my own sometime in September. My work laptop is great, and the PCS card makes it easy to stay in touch or get on the internet. But, my company owns it, and they don’t like a lot of non-job related software being loaded onto it. With my own laptop, I could put all the stuff on it I want to – like Photoshop – and use it when we go on our next vacation – which is the second thing I want to do this fall. All of this depends very much, of course, upon having any money left over after filling my gas tank three times a week as gas prices go from ridiculous to utterly ludicrous. Hopefully, we’ll be able to save most of our ‘economic stimulus’ check for vacation.

For now, I’ll say good-night!

Friday, May 09, 2008

New Eyes

Well, I stopped by Moyes Eye Center Thursday for my second post-op checkup. Dr. Verachtert looked me over and told me I get better each time I come in. At my last appointment on April 30th (the day after my cataract surgery) my vision was 20-50. This time, it was 20-40. He said that’s fantastic considering the completely detached retina I had last fall. So, things are progressing nicely. There’s still a tiny bit of distortion, but I’ve recovered at least 90% of my vision in that eye. It’s like I have a new eye!

I just acquired another new eye of sorts. Last week, Microcenter had a sale on refurbished Fuji digital cameras. I picked up a little FinePix A610 camera for 60 bucks. I think this will make an excellent companion to my Canon Digital Rebel. The Fuji is a 6.3 megapixel – same as the Canon – and it’s a tiny thing! I call it my “spy” camera. I can slip it into my pocket and take it pretty much anywhere – places I can’t take the Canon. I’ve posted a few photos in my May page. This camera also has a macro setting that allows me to get closer to objects than I can with the Canon. Of course, the Canon has a lot more control features available along with interchangeable lenses.

I’m hoping I can get to a point where I can do a lot more photography. My inspiration has kind of taken a nose dive over the last few years with all the family health issues. And the series of eye problems that developed last fall didn’t help either.

I’ve posted a few photos in my May section – just click the “May” link on your left. If you are not reading my blog on my website, just click and you’ll see the links as well as this blog.

Looks like another super-busy weekend coming up. Comcast is sending someone out again Saturday to try to fix the continuing issues with my cable. I think I’ll ask them if they can recommend a good dish provider. I’m just about done with Comcast – they’ve been jacking around with this problem since December of 2007, and haven’t managed to get it right yet. Last time I made a comment about Comcast in my blog, someone from Comcast read it and left a comment about “Please contact me; I want to get this taken care of for you…” Well, I did contact him, but never received any kind of response. SOP for Comcast. So if anyone from Comcast reads this, don’t bother leaving any comments unless you intend to follow through.

After Comcast gets through jacking around and offering lame excuses, Jo and I will probably go run some errands, then I’ll probably spend some time with my dad. Sunday is Mother’s Day, so we’ll go in to Jo’s mom’s place, run her to the grocery store and Sam’s Club, then mow the lawn. Like I said – a busy weekend.

Hopefully, I’ll get a little time for my own projects again. Sometime.


Sunday, May 04, 2008

Why We're Paying $4.00 a Gallon For Gas

Next time you're blowing a nice, cisp $50.00 bill filling your gas tank, think about this:

Anybody have a spare cruise missile handy?