Monday, January 29, 2007

Saving Nucha?


For the last several days, I’ve had about 20-30 of these idiotic e-mails every day. Many are replies from various cancer hospitals and clinics, and many are from individuals. All are requesting whatever brainless moron is sending these out to STOP. I add my voice to the chorus.

I am sorry Nucha has lung cancer. I am also sorry my father-in-law passed away from cancer last January. I am also sorry that both my father and my mother-in-law have been diagnosed with lung cancer, and that it will ultimately claim both of them. I am sorry that this horrible disease has devastated my family. I don't see anyone jumping through hoops to help our family, either.

Maybe my mistake is that I didn’t put up a website about it, then SPAM every e-mail address in the known freaking universe. Here's a clue: If you are trying to get people to contribute money to a cause, you will have a lot more success if you don't PISS THEM OFF by filling their e-mail boxes with your brainless nonsense every freaking day!!!

Whoever is doing this, please do us all a favor and GROW A BRAIN. You’re probably nothing but another pathetic internet scam, anyway. If so I hope you burn in hell forever. Starting tomorrow.

I suppose that now I am going to have to shut down the e-mail address all this idiotic horsecrap is coming to. I don’t know why all the replies are ending up in my e-mail. I don’t know if this band of unwashed cretins has somehow planted a bug in my e-mail program (I doubt it – I have pretty good protection), or if they are simply using my e-mail address as part of their stupid SPAM campaign. I’m going to do some investigating (like I don’t have enough on my plate as it is..), and if that’s the case, I guess I’ll have to retire that particular address. This is one of those cases where I wish I was enough of a geek to be able to hack into their website and shut it down. Or send a nuclear-tipped cruise missle through their front door. Idiots.

I Googled "saving nucha," and found this website: Make your own judgement, but I'd bet good money it's a SCAM!

I just received the following e-mail from the The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center:

Dear CancerWise Subscriber:

You may have received multiple e-mails recently soliciting funds, supposedly for a lung cancer patient, "Nucha." It appears that spammers found a way to exploit the CancerWise subscriber list software, which they then used to send the e-mail. The problem was compounded when recipients replied to the spurious e-mail, which then copied everyone on the subscriber list.

We apologize for the frustration this has caused our valuable subscribers. CancerWise and M. D. Anderson do not condone or support the use of our newsletter subscriber lists for e-mail solicitations. Our technical team has solved the problem and secured the subscriber list from further exploitation, and we are in the process of testing even more secure e-mail solutions for our newsletters.

Dawn Dorsey
The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Just another example of how a few pathetic scumballs will stop at nothing to try and scam a buck. Why don't you unwashed losers get a job, and stop trying to take advantage of an organization dedicated to REALLY helping victims of this horrific disease?

Monday, January 22, 2007

Fixed Again (For another 2 Weeks..)

I stopped by Jack Miller's service department on my way home tonight - just for the heck of it. They took my Kia for another diagnostic scan. After about an hour, the service manager told me that it seemed to be the mass air sensor again. They made some repairs to the wiring harness, and reset the check engine light at no charge. We'll see how long it lasts this time. Hopefully it will hang in there until I can get a payoff amount and cut a check. Then we'll be looking at some minivans!

I've got to drive to Cameron, Mo. tomorrow, to service a copier in the state correctional facility (otherwise known as "prison"). I'm not too enthusiastic about this service call. It shouldn't take long to do, I just hope they provide a gaurd to escort me. If not, I'll give them the part for the copier and they can fix it themselves! At any rate, I'll be glad when that call is done.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Small Light At The End of The Tunnel

Well, it looks like a new set of circumstances has arisen that will have a profound effect on the car situation. I don’t feel like going into a lot of detail, but suffice it to say that the piece-O-crap Kia will be going away in the near future. We’ve had a bit if a windfall that will allow us to get into a more reliable ride soon. It will most likely be another minivan.

I sent another e-mail to Jack Miller’s service department detailing the latest rash of problems. Both yesterday and today, when we first started out, the Kia would barely run. It would just stumble along when I stepped on the gas, stumbling and stammering. Finally, after a few minutes it straightened up and ran more or less right. It stalled out on us as we were leaving the drugstore, but managed to get through the rest of today’s errands all right.

I’m going to see if I can bitch loud enough to get them to re-repair the problem (for about the 5th time) long enough to trade the damn thing off. I’d really rather not have the stupid check engine light on when I try to get a halfway decent trade-in on it. I suppose I could just try to find the wire to that light and disconnect it. That would be cheating, though, wouldn’t it? God forbid I try to cheat a car dealer…..

Well, it’s been snowing most of the weekend, but that didn’t keep me inside! I spent a good part of Saturday with my dad, which was great. He just turned 88, and his health isn’t the best anymore, so I need to spend as much time as possible with him.

I just spent about 3 hours unloading all the boxes of crap I have to haul around for my job, and trying to compact it all into less space. I managed to get it compacted enough to free up the back seat for my tool kit and cart. This is another reason I need a minivan!

Now, I’m going to enjoy this nice, hot bowl of chili, and get ready for another week of copier fun beginning tomorrow.


Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Night…

I didn’t know what else to use for a title. It would be nice if I could title more of them “Good News,” but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen again anytime soon.

The medical crises continue unabated with yet another close family member diagnosed with cancer. This sucks. Why can’t the bad people ever get this C-word crap? It’s always the good people. Is this how “God” rewards people for living a good life and giving selflessly? I’m confused….

To add to the situation, my worthless, pathetic, piece-O-crap Kia is screwing up again. What a piece of s**t! Do yourself a favor, and don’t ever buy a Kia. I am sooooo disgusted with this pile of junk, I’m about ready to shove it over a cliff. The only reason I don’t is I still owe wayyy too much on it. Talk about being upside-down…..

I did notice a significant difference in my paystub today, after my recent raise. I guess that’s a welcome piece of good news – for a change.

Sorry for the negative tone tonight – I’m just extremely depressed.
More coming soon…..

Friday, January 12, 2007

Good News - For A Change

It's Friday!

Even though it's a really crappy day outside with freezing rain, sleet, snow, and arctic-grade winds, it's a good day, today.

I got a promotion/raise today! And a pretty significant one, by the way! It makes it worth all the butt-busting I've been doing lately. In the past, it seems like the most I could look for was about 2 - 3%. This one was 8.25% - and another 5% in July! If I'm not terribly mistaken, that's pretty well above the national average. It's a significant chunk of change, at any rate, and will allow some good things to happen.

Like changing my ride, for instance.

I'm going to be looking into getting a decent set of wheels, and getting rid of this piece-O-crap Kia. Since the last trip to the shop, the check engine light has come on twice, and it still freaks out in idle from time to time. I suspect it's that intake air control motor again. I can't seem to get more than a month between service episodes on this piece of junk. I'll definitely never have another Kia. I'm hoping I can find a nice minivan. I like minivans.

And now, this:

Reason number 3746 that "political correctness" is stupid....

I'm watching a show on the Science Channel (yeah, I know, I'm a geek) called "How It's Made." Obviously, it's a show detailing how everyday items are manufactured. They just showed a piece on how store mannequins are made. Yes, mannequins. You know, fake people made out of foam rubber. Foam rubber. They actually blurred out the bumps where the breasts would be on the female mannequins. Give me a break! They're not real boobs, folks, they're foam rubber bumps!! Jeeze.....

With that, I'll sign off for now....

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

And The Beat Goes On.......

It's been a few days since my last post, and things are pretty much the same. Busy as hell at work, and the health crises on both sides of the family continue unabated. I guess all we can do is to work through it all as best we can.

Things are pretty well back to normal at work, now that the holidays are over. I started the day with about 6 calls in my que. When I got home, there were 11. Job security, I guess.

I've started taking my camera with me during the day, again. I don't know when/if I'll have much of an opportunity to shoot as busy as things are, but I might stumble onto something that's worth shooting (with a camera!) from time to time.

I'm still giving some serious thought to making a change in hosting companies soon. If/when that happens, the website will likely be down for a few days during the propogation period with the new hosting service.

I don't have a whole lot new for today's entry, and I'm running into a mental block of things to type, so for now I'll just say Good Night!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Brand New Year

I hope you all had a great holiday season! And welcome to 2007!

We had an unusually quiet new year's weekend for a change. Three days of relaxation felt very good! Of course, now it's back into the storm.

I am going to be looking into making a change in my hosting service very soon. I'm still having intermittent FTP issues when trying to update my site. It took a couple tries tonight to access via FTP. Plus, my present hosting service continues to raise their rates every 6 months or so. I can get about 20 times the webspace (not that I really need that much...) for about half the price if I go with If I go ahead with this - and I probably will - it's likely the website will be unavailable for a few days. I will place an announcement on the site before this happens.

I'm working on a new gallery for some of the projects I've created in the shop. I hope to have it up in the next few days. I'm also planning some new art for all the galleries.

Of course, all of this will be at the mercy of Murphy and all the crap he throws my way on an irritatingly frequent basis! Last night my primary computer had its power supply fan throw a blade. That's always fun. At first, I thought one of the hard drives was self-destructing with all the racket it made. Then I spent most of the evening trying to glue the blade back on - which I knew from past experience at Gateway was nearly impossible. Tonight, I have a floor fan sitting right next to the computer's power supply until I get a replacement fan. I just ordered a couple 120mm fans from Tiger Direct which should arrive in a few days. I'll be glad, too. The floor fan is working fine; it keeps the computer nice and cool. The only problem is that it keeps my feet nice and cool as well. I like my feet to be cool, but I prefer it to be in the summer!