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August 10, 2023

  Rod’s Lair now has a new home. The migration from GoDaddy to Namecheap is complete.   And it’s time to do some housekeeping. My website has been in its current form for years – it’s time to redecorate! My and Jo’s emails have also been migrated to Namecheap. More on that in a moment or two. Like any other changes, there are pros and cons to this one. One of the cons is that I cannot post any artwork on my site containing nudity. And anyone that knows my artwork knows it’s a common subject I enjoy creating. I try to keep it classy (no porn) and not degrading to women. I want to celebrate their beauty. Anyway, for now I’ll have to post those at Renderosity and / or my Discord. My pinups on my website will all be SFW and PG! LOL One of the big “pros” of this change is it will be a lot easier to keep the ol’ website updated via the file manager in the cPanel app. Also their chat / support team is pretty responsive. They would be great if they could actually fix my problems from t

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