Friday, August 24, 2012

A Little Update

Just a short note tonight...

Things seem to be calming down with my dad. I think he has finally come to accept that he will be in the nursing home from now on.

He had a fall a couple weeks ago, and spent a few nights in the hospital. I think that's what finally convinced him he needed to be someplace where he has around the clock care. He is just too weak to stand and walk any longer. The Hospice folks have provided him with a wheelchair, so he is able to get around a little bit.

My cousin's wife is a manager at the nursing home, and she looks after him very well. We've been to visit him a couple times, and he's in pretty good spirits most of the time. He's eating a little better, now, and seems to have mellowed out.

Things seem to be calming down in that regard.

At work, it's just the opposite - things seem to be ramping up. We're pretty much running full-tilt from the time we step in the door until time to leave at 10:30. I have two more weeks on this evening shift, the I'll be on days for two months.

I'm keeping this short tonight; I'm tired and I have several things to do before bed.

Namarie* for now...

*Elvish for 'Farewell'

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