Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Situation Normal - Chaos....

Well, I'm a week and a half into my month of night shift. I'm pretty much out of the reptilian stage, and just beginning to enter the zombie stage. By the time I get somewhat used to this shift, and become reasonably normal it'll be time to change shifts again....

What's ironic is this: The main reason I've stayed in this copier field service industry for so long is because I had a job with regular, 8 to 5 hours Monday to Friday, and didn't have to deal with working in some freaking factory on all kinds of wierd shifts. What the hell happened?? :-P

The situation with my dad continues to decline and intensify on an almost daily basis. He has called me 7 times today (so far) wanting my aunt's phone number, my phone number (the one he just dialed), or he just rambles. I get calls from people at his apartment facility just to tell me how messed up he is. I can't seem to get anything done, now.

I don't know if it's dementia or Alzheimer's - or maybe a combination of both.

His sister has Durable Power of Attorney, so it's pretty much up to her how he's handled (at this point, I'm kind of glad it's in her hands - I have enough to deal with at the moment, but I know it's hard on her, too..). She and I do confer frequently regarding dad's situation and care. She's now looking into getting Hospice for him - I really think he needs to be in a nursing home.

It really kills me to see him going like this - he was always such a well-mannered and intelligent man - it's a real heartbreaker. At the risk of sounding horrible, it will be a blessing for him when the Lord finally calls him home. And for us, too.

Hopefully, one day I'll be able to post something more positive....

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